Safety Policy
Safety Policies

Saiba understands that safety is critical to the success of the project as much as the well-being of our employees.Accident prevention is considered of primary importance in all phases of operations and administration. We achieve results through a pro-active approach and place safety foremost in our execution of tasks.

Saiba maintains an in-house "Health, Safety and Environment policy" and also adheres to the regulations set forth by the government bodies and its clients.
We maintain open communication between management and staff on matters pertaining to safety. All employees are encouraged to express their concerns or suggestions to help promote safe work practices and conditions. The SAI BA Engineer's is committed to Quality, Trust, Customer Sensitivity, Innovation, and Deliver-on Promises with Agility & Financial prudence.

  Our Prime Focus – Zero Accidents. It is noteworthy that over the years since our inception, we have indeed achieved this and this inspires us to strive and maintain this record in the future as well.
  We Celebrate National Safety Day on 4th of March and encourage our workforce to observe safety rules and regulations.
  We ensure that all our Engineers, Officers and Workforce follow safety procedure and wear proper PPE at site.
  Demonstrations, fire drills and First-aid training are conducted regularly.
  Strict disciplinary actions is taken by the Management to all those who do not adhere to our safety rules and regulations.